Paul Schäfer, founder of Colonia Dignidad, dies at 88

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paul Schäfer died at 88 from cardiac-respiratory arrest on early Saturday morning in a Chilean prison hospital. Schäfer was the founder and former leader of Colonia Dignidad, an enclave used for torturing and exterminating political prisoners during Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. Hr was convicted for sexually abusing 26 children for years, and retained thousands of people under his own tyrannical regime, that worked as an aside territory in the country, where people spoke the German language.

Jorge Zepeda, magistrate who investigated the crimes made in Colonia Dignidad, reported that Schäfer was unconscious when he died. He was to stay in prison for 33 years. Hernán Fernández, one of the lawyers against Colonia Dignidad, said that Schäfer’s death should help to accelerate the judiciary processes. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera said, “Paul Schäfer will be judged by the divine justice.”

Schäfer was born in 1921, in Siegburg, Germany. He was a non-commissioned Nazi officer, who moved to Chile after the Second World War, evading accusations of sexual abuse of minors. He established an organization in a rural area of Chile, in favour of the poor people, located 400 kilometers south of Santiago, to the border of Argentina. He named this place Villa Babiera.

He began his rule of this area in 1961; he established a private tyrannical regime, where almost 300 Germans worked for decades without pay. Men and women were segregated, and people who tried to escape were killed. Adults and children considered it an “honour” for Schäfer to chose to have sex with them.

When Pinochet’s regime ended, Schäfer escaped from Chile in 1996 to avoid being imprisoned, after he came under investigation for human rights violations and abuse to minors. He was detained in Argentina, and then extradited back to Chile in 2005. Since then he was imprisoned. Colonia Dignidad still exists, though without the power they had before, less secluded and with new leaders.

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Computer Associates warns of massive botnet attack

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Computer Associates are warning of a current three pronged, co-ordinated malware attack on computers that are using Microsoft Windows and are connected to the Internet. The attack involves the use of three different Trojan horses called Glieder, Fantibag and Mitglieder. The goal is to create a botnet consisting of a large number of compromised computers. Access to this group of compromised machines will then be available on a black market, at prices as low as five cents per machine.

  • Win32.Glieder.AK: The first of the three, this Trojan horse attempts to de-activate an extensive list of security/antivirus related processes and services running on the target computer. It also attempts to lower security settings in order to facilitate easier access for subsequent Trojan horses.
  • Fantibag: This second Trojan horse creates filters on the target machine in order to prevent access to a large number of antivirus companies’ Web sites. Thus, not only is the target computer now well and truly compromised, but an average Windows user will be completely unable to remove these violations of their system.
  • Mitgleider: Once the first two Trojan horses have largely eliminated any possibility that the target will be able to defend itself, this one finishes the job. It opens port 38884 and configures it to act as a SOCKS 4 proxy, but the compromised system can now also be commanded to do the following:-
    • Changing the backdoor port number
    • Updating the trojan
    • Downloading and execute files
    • Uninstalling the trojan
    • Initiating an SMTP server on TCP port 25, which can be used to relay spam.
    • Executing files on the infected computer
    • Downloading and executing files via an URL

It should be noted that these Trojan horses only affect the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. No other operating systems (such as Linux and Apple‘s OS X) are vulnerable. In order to prevent infection, Windows users are advised to ensure that they have the latest operating system patches from Microsoft, that their chosen antivirus software is up to date, and that they are using firewall software where appropriate.

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Tax Saving Tips For Expatriate Working In Australia

Tax Saving Tips For Expatriate Working In Australia



If you not a resident of Australia and planning to seek an employment here then it is strongly recommended to seek for an expert advice on your Australian taxation obligation . Expatriates working here mostly prone to income tax on their Australian sourced income. Except from your wages and

Salaries it also targets on your dividends that have source within Australia.

Being a resident of Australia you need to pay Individual Tax Services which depends on your circumstances and needs to reviewed case by case basis. If you need to pay Australian income tax it is important to keep in mind that Australian tax finishes by June 30 and you need to lodge an income tax return by 31 October. If you hire a tax agent or account then they are eligible to log your extensions.

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If you are expatriates then you need to understand number of consideration when you are negotiating your employment contract as this will help you legally to minimizing your tax. If you are expat and do not have knowledge that how you will minimize you tax then don t worry and continue reading with it as following I am going to these points in detail and I am sure that it will be very helpful for you as I have years of experience in providing Expatriate Tax Services.

Living away from home allowance (LAFHA) and motor vehicles allowance are the two significant tax saving allowance that can comes under \”salary packaged\”. Living away from home allowance is specially made for expatriates to compensate them additional costs of moving resident and it provides them tax break for food and rent same as LAFHA motor vehicles allowance will also be helpful in tax saving for them.

Many Expat are not aware that expenses on deriving your income can also be claimed, like you can claim you depreciation on your internet, professional subscriptions and note book and it will reduce your taxable income. It is important point and mostly people are not aware of this.

You can also reduce your tax by number of tax rebates and it will save your thousands of dollars that you never expect but for that you need to consult a tax expert to assist you well and if you are looking for best and affordable Individual Tax Service provider then you can visit to usautax.com

Superannuation system is compulsory in Australia it is a system whereby your employer is required to contribute a percentage of your income into an Australian registered superannuation fund.

If you find that your employer making these contribution then you can claim it back when you are leaving Australia permanently.

Hoping that all these points will help you in saving your hard earn money.

Thomas M Carden EA JSM Thomas is a director at United States Australia Tax Service. USAUTAX.COM He enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He has over 17 years of Tax and Financial Industry experience. If you are looking for Internal Revenue Service or any question for Expatriate Tax Services or you are looking for Individual Tax Services then Article Source: ArticleRich.com

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UN Report: Earth ecosystem in peril

Thursday, March 31, 2005A report Tuesday from a United Nations-backed project, consulting more than 1,300 scientists from 95 countries, and written over the last four years, warns that 60 percent of the basics of life on Earth — water, food, timber, clean air — are currently being used in ways which degrade them. Furthermore, fisheries and fresh water use-patterns are unsustainable, and getting worse.

“The harmful consequences of this degradation could grow significantly worse in the next 50 years,” according to a press release from the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), a massive four-year study begun in 2001.

“We’ve had many reports on environmental degradation, but for the first time we’re now able to draw connections between ecosystem services and human well-being,” Cristian Samper, director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington and a chief architect of the study, told the Christian Science Monitor.

The project’s Synthesis Report, first in a series of eleven documents and published yesterday, explains the objective: “to assess the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being and to establish the scientific basis for actions needed to enhance the conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems and their contributions to human well-being.”

It then goes on to report on four main findings:

  • Changes over the last 50 years to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel, have effected substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversity of life on Earth.
  • Net gains in human well-being and economic development are offset by growing costs, in the form ecosystem degradation, the possibility of abrupt and unpredictable ecosystem changes, and worsened poverty for some groups. Unless addressed, these problems will substantially diminish the benefits that future generations obtain from ecosystems.
  • Ecosystem degradation could grow significantly worse over the next 50 years, presenting a barrier to meeting UN Millennium Development Goals.
  • The challenge of reversing the degradation while meeting increasing ecological demands can be partially met under some scenarios, but only with significant changes in policies, institutions and practices — changes that are not currently under way.

Walter Reid, the study’s director, speaking at yesterday’s London launch of the report said it shows that over the last 50 years “humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable time in human history.”

“This has resulted in substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversity of life on Earth,” he said.

It is unclear what this will mean to future generations or the possible emergence of new diseases, absence of fresh water and the continuing decline of fisheries and completely unpredictable weather.

With half of the urban populations of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean suffering from several diseases associated with these problems, the death toll is reaching 1.7 million people a year. Entire species of mammals, birds and amphibians are disappearing from the planet at nearly 1,000 times the natural rate, according to the study. Oxygen-depleted coastal waters and rivers result from overuse of nitrogen fertilizer – an effect known as “nutrient loading” which leads to continuing biodiversity loss.

With the United States’ non-participation in the Kyoto Treaty, former U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth, president of this U.N. Foundation, says “U.S. leadership is critical in providing much-needed expertise, technological capabilities and ingenuity to restore ecosystems.

“We can take steps at home to reduce our nation’s adverse impact on the global environment.”

“At the heart of this assessment is a stark warning,” said the 45-member board.

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Police track kidney doctor to Brampton, Canada

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The hunt for alleged kidney harvester, Dr. Amit Kumar, has led investigators to Brampton, a city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario, Canada.

Indian investigators allege that Kumar is the kingpin of a ring that removed kidneys of poor laborers in India for transplantation to the highest bidding patients, usually foreigners. After a request by Indian police via an Interpol “red notice”, Canadian police located a house in Brampton owned by Kumar, who has been dubbed “Dr. Horror” by the Indian press.

The house is occupied by a woman, presumed to be his wife, and two young children. Kumar purchased the 5,600 sq ft (~510 ) home on February 2, 2007 for C$610,000. Reportedly, additional upgrades were performed at the home, including an in-ground pool, at a cost of C$100,000. The family drives an expensive SUV. The children, two boys aged 4 and 5, are said to be enrolled at private schools.

Dr. Kumar, a nephrologist, born Santosh Rameshwar Raut, was known to his neighbors. He told them that he was a cardiovascular surgeon in India, but that he wanted to buy a hotel in Canada and, after one last trip to India to tie up loose ends, permanently relocate to Canada.

“We are completely shocked,” a neighbor told the Toronto Star. “We used to joke at parties that he must be loaded to get such a beautiful wife, but nothing prepared us for this.” Another neighbor told the paper, “It’s very unusual for someone to come here from India and buy a big house like this and a Lexus. Doctors in India just don’t make that kind of money.”

Meanwhile, investigators are no closer to Amit Kumar, than they were a few days ago. It is widely believed that he is trying to flee India for Canada via Nepal, a country for which he is alleged to have a passport.

Police in Mumbai, however, believe he is still in India. “He is very much in India,” commissioner Rakesh Maria said on Tuesday. “We suspect he will never leave.”

“He will stay in India — it won’t be easy to conduct his illegal activities anywhere else,” he said. “In a country like Canada, it would almost be impossible to find [kidney] donors in large numbers.”

They think they can buy the kidney for peanuts. That’s why the likes of [Amit Kumar] can prosper.

However, after a request by the Haryana state government, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will soon take lead in the investigation.

“We haven’t yet received a final word to start investigations,” CBI Director Vijay Shankar said. “We will begin working on the case as per legal process.” Thus far, police in Gurgoan, Moradabad, Mumbai and Rajasthan have been investigating the case separately.

The case has called attention to medical tourism, the practice of traveling abroad for health care at more affordable rates. Kumar is alleged to have charged US$50,000 for a kidney transplant. The donors are said to have been paid the equivalent of US$1,200. Even so, the donors, according to widespread reports and testimonials, may not have realized what they were getting into when they went with a stranger for a well-paying job.

The Toronto Star interviewed a medical tourism travel agent, who operates openly. Aruna Thurairajan, who runs Overseas Medical Services in Calgary, Alberta, says that she frequently gets calls from patients in need of a kidney. Thurairajan refuses to give referrals for transplants because it “gives medical tourism a bad rap.”

“Money is a big factor for people to decide where to go. Often they want to bargain how much to pay the vendor [organ donor]. Some of them can be quite selfish and mean. They think they can buy the kidney for peanuts. That’s why the likes of [Amit Kumar] can prosper. So the patient should also be blamed along with him, because the patient bargains down the price,” said Thurairajan.

But the victims of this illegal trade are not exclusively the poor day laborers but sometimes the clients themselves, according to a report by Hindustan Times. The investigation cited a driver for a close associate of Amit Kumar and claims that at least three foreigners died on Dr. Kumar’s operating table. He was able to name three Turkish nationals who all died in India between 2003 and 2005, officially from cardiac arrest. The driver, Harpal, says that the bodies were brought to a hospital in Ballabgarh, Faridabad, where the local authorities colluded with the doctors to list the cause of death as heart failure.

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How To Deal With Financial Hassle With No Guarantor Loans}

Submitted by: Corn Ashley

If you do not have enough cash to fulfil mandatory financial needs, you are in a financial emergency. It is the most difficult phase of your life since you are no longer financially stable. In such tricky scenario, you desperately look to get peace of mind and you can make wrong decisions in a hurry. Their consequences will haunt you at any time and you later find yourself in the more complicated situation. Therefore, you should find a way, as soon as possible, to prevent such financial drench from your life. Choose no guarantor loans and get instant monetary assistance without any hindrance.

These loans are like short-term loans, where you can ask for the only small amount of money. They are comparatively easier to borrow because there is no condition of providing collateral and guarantor to avail their monetary gains. You do not need to approach your relatives and friends to get funds if you have chosen your way of loans without a guarantor.

Tips to Use Loans to Deal with Your Financial Menace

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The first thing before applying for the loan is to not panic. Worry too much can cause you many mistakes, and you may not able to make the right use of these loans. Therefore, stays relax and keep your focus on how to gain more from such feasible financial aid. Furthermore, since these loans are applicable for a short amount, it is essential to make your lender clear about how much money you need, which you can get straight away. You can prioritise your expenses for which you need an urgent flow of cash, which further help the lender to arrange funds according to your needs.

Dealing with financial menace requires an urgent monetary aid. Hence, you should apply through an online way because it ensures the safest and fastest means of moving things forward. Standing in queues and collecting papers need some time, which you do not want during a financial emergency. Opting for online application assists you to apply quickly and get instant cash transfer from the lender. The processing time in no guarantor loans is the quickest, which has helped a number of people when they need cash at most.

Loans for Your Credit Score Improvement

As there is no need of a guarantor to avail benefits of these loans, lenders sometimes do not check the credit scores of the borrowers. It is the perfect opportunity for the bad credit people to borrow money and to improve credit scores. However, these people should tell true credit scores to the lenders so that they can decide a suitable repayment schedule.

It is not easy to combat with financial problems, especially when they come immediately. There is no need to panic. Apply for no guarantor loans and fulfil all your desires with no shortage of money. Do not forget to choose a reliable lender, who can understand your financial compulsions and can provide interest rates according to your financial capacity.

About the Author: The Easy Loans, a professional credit lender in the UK, is providing no guarantor loans in well-customised way. Borrowers can apply for them through a simple online procedure. To know more, visit:




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Asbestos controversy aboard Scientology ship Freewinds

Friday, May 16, 2008

Controversy has arisen over the reported presence of blue asbestos on the MV Freewinds, a cruise ship owned by the Church of Scientology. According to the Saint Martin newspaper The Daily Herald and the shipping news journal Lloyd’s List, the Freewinds was sealed in April and local public health officials on the Caribbean island of Curaçao where the ship is docked began an investigation into the presence of asbestos dust on the ship. Former Scientologist Lawrence Woodcraft supervised work on the ship in 1987, and attested to the presence of blue asbestos on the Freewinds in an affidavit posted to the Internet in 2001. Woodcraft, a licensed architect by profession, gave a statement to Wikinews and commented on the recent events.

According to The Daily Herald, the Freewinds was in the process of being renovated by the Curaçao Drydock Company. The article states that samples taken from paneling in the ship were sent to the Netherlands, where an analysis revealed that they “contained significant levels of blue asbestos”. An employee of the Curaçao Drydock Company told Radar Online in an April 30 article that the Freewinds has been docked and sealed, and confirmed that an article about asbestos ran in the local paper.

Lloyd’s List reported that work on the interior of the Freewinds was suspended on April 27 after health inspectors found traces of blue asbestos on the ship. According to Lloyd’s List, Frank Esser, Curaçao Drydock Company’s interim director, joined Curaçao’s head of the department of labor affairs Christiene van der Biezen along with the head of the local health department Tico Ras and two inspectors in an April 25 inspection of the ship. “We are sending someone so that they can tell us what happened, where it came from, since when it has been there,” said Panama Maritime Authority’s director of merchant marine Alfonso Castillero in a statement to Lloyd’s List.

The Church of Scientology purchased the ship, then known as the Bohème, in 1987, through an organization called Flag Ship Trust. After being renovated and refitted, it was put into service in June 1988. The ship is used by the Church of Scientology for advanced Scientology training in “Operating Thetan” levels, as well as for spiritual retreats for its members. Curaçao has been the ship’s homeport since it was purchased by the Church of Scientology.

According to his 2001 statement, Lawrence Woodcraft had been an architect in London, England since 1975, and joined Scientology’s elite “Sea Organization” (Sea Org) in 1986. He wrote that he was asked by the Sea Org to work on the Freewinds in 1987, and during his work on the ship “noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance approximately 1 ½” thick between the paint and the steel wall,” which he believed to be asbestos. He also discovered what he thought was blue asbestos in other parts of the ship, and reported his findings to Church of Scientology executives. Woodcraft discussed his experiences in a 2001 interview published online by the Lisa McPherson Trust, a now-defunct organization which was critical of the Church of Scientology.

The Freewinds regularly inspects the air quality on board and always meets or exceeds US standards.

Church of Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw responded to Radar Online about the asbestos reports, in an email published in an article in Radar on May 1. “The Freewinds regularly inspects the air quality on board and always meets or exceeds US standards,” said Pouw. She stated that two inspections performed in April “confirmed that the air quality is safe,” and asserted that the inspections revealed the Freewinds satisfies standards set by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the U.S. Clean Air Act.

Pouw told Radar that “The Freewinds will be completing its refit on schedule.” The Church of Scientology-affiliated organization Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) had been planning a cruise aboard the Freewinds scheduled for May 8, but according to Radar an individual who called the booking number for the cruise received a message that the cruise had been delayed due to ongoing work on the ship. Citing an article in the Netherlands Antilles newspaper Amigoe, Radar reported on May 6 that a team from the United States and supervised by an independent bureau from the Netherlands traveled to Curaçao in order to remove asbestos from the Freewinds.

…if the Church of Scientology claims to have removed the blue asbestos, I just don’t see how, it’s everywhere. You would first have to remove all the pipes, plumbing, a/c ducts, electrical wiring etc. etc. just a maze of stuff.

“I stand by everything I wrote in my 2001 affidavit,” said Lawrence Woodcraft in an exclusive statement given to Wikinews. Woodcraft went on to state: “I would also comment that if the Church of Scientology claims to have removed the blue asbestos, I just don’t see how, it’s everywhere. You would first have to remove all the pipes, plumbing, a/c ducts, electrical wiring etc. etc. just a maze of stuff. Also panelling as well, basically strip the ship back to a steel hull. Also blue asbestos is sprayed onto the outer walls and then covered in paint. It’s in every nook and cranny.”

Many Scientologist celebrities have spent time aboard the Freewinds, including Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Chick Corea, Lisa Marie Presley, Catherine Bell, Kate Ceberano, and Juliette Lewis. Now magazine reported that Tom Cruise has been urged to seek medical attention regarding potential asbestos exposure, however a representative for Cruise stated he has “absolutely no knowledge” of the recent asbestos controversy. Cruise, Holmes, Travolta and Preston have celebrated birthdays and other events on the Freewinds.

There is not now and never has been a situation of asbestos exposure on the Freewinds.

In a May 15 statement to the United Kingdom daily newspaper Metro, a representative for the Church of Scientology said that “There is not now and never has been a situation of asbestos exposure on the Freewinds.” The Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center notes that agencies have recommended anyone who has spent time on the Freewinds consult with their physician to determine if possible asbestos exposure may have affected their health.

Raw blue asbestos is the most hazardous form of asbestos, and has been banned in the United Kingdom since 1970. Blue asbestos fibers are very narrow and thus easily inhaled, and are a major cause of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which can develop in the lining of the lungs and chest cavity, the lining of the abdominal cavity, or the pericardium sac surrounding the heart. The cancer is incurable, and can manifest over 40 years after the initial exposure to asbestos.

“This is the most dangerous type of asbestos because the fibres are smaller than the white asbestos and can penetrate the lung more easily,” said toxicologist Dr. Chris Coggins in a statement published in OK! Magazine. Dr. Coggins went on to note that “Once diagnosed with mesothelioma, the victim has six months to a year to live. It gradually reduces lung function until the victim is no longer able to breathe and dies.”

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2008 COMPUTEX Taipei: Three awards, One target

Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 COMPUTEX Taipei, the largest trade fair since its inception in 1982, featured several seminars and forums, expansions on show spaces to TWTC Nangang, great transformations for theme pavilions, and WiMAX Taipei Expo, mainly promoted by Taipei Computer Association (TCA). Besides of ICT industry, “design” progressively became the critical factor for the future of the other industries. To promote innovative “Made In Taiwan” products, pavilions from “Best Choice of COMPUTEX”, “Taiwan Excellence Awards”, and newly-set “Design and Innovation (d & i) Award of COMPUTEX”, demonstrated the power of Taiwan’s designs in 2008 COMPUTEX Taipei.

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Battle for Trafalgar Square, London as violence breaks out between demonstrators and riot police

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday morning showed Trafalgar Square, London damaged during the night by demonstrators.

Bottles, cans, and placards littered the concrete ground of one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Demonstrators livid at government cuts had sprayed graffiti on the four bronze lions. “No-one rules if no-one obeys,” one message, next to the symbol of anarchy, read. On the steps leading up to the National Gallery lay placards, dropped by demonstrators the night before. Hours earlier the square was an arena for running battles between the anarchist protesters and riot police.

First, they targetted Oxford Street, arguably the most famous shopping row in the city. The protesters, many dressed in black, hurled smoke bombs and paint at Topshop, which they claimed has systematically abused the tax system. In Piccadilly, they ransacked The Ritz, a hotel popularly known for upmarket opulence. As darkness fell over the capital, many went home. But in Trafalgar Square, protesters lit campfires and danced to music, smoking and eating into the night.

But then the police moved in. Clad in riot gear, the situation began to escalate and both they and the demonstrators began to panic. They raised their batons and shouted at the crowd, while the protesters grabbed metal barriers and hurled them over police lines, using them as battering rams. Some protesters yelled in defence, “Don’t hit us!”, while the more determined shouted, “Shame on you! Your job’s next!” The riot officers pushed protesters into the centre of the square, towards Nelson’s Column. The police started forward at least twice swinging their batons in the air, as protesters retaliated by throwing glass bottles and coins towards the police lines. One officer was taken away with blood pouring from under his visor.

“I have never seen such a fast escalation of violence in my life,” one witness to the violence in the square said. “Everything just kicked off, glass everywhere, police hitting people, people being dragged across the floor. I just can’t believe it.” Other protesters on the front line later described the police retaliation as they began to kettle people in. “I find myself in front of the riot line,” one protester wrote, “taking a blow to the head and a kick to the shin; I am dragged to my feet by a girl with blue hair who squeezes my arm and then raises a union flag defiantly at the cops.”

Everything just kicked off, glass everywhere, police hitting people, people being dragged across the floor. I just can’t believe it.

Fireworks exploded overhead and, towards midnight, the number of protesters had diminished. As the kettling began, many of them slipped away into the night. In the early hours of the morning, the levels of violence began to fade. “Vandalism has been committed and officers have come under sustained attack,” the Metropolitan Police said. “We are holding everyone here until the situation calms down and we determine who is responsible.”

As the street cleaners worked through the morning in London, more than 200 protesters, detained throughout the day, remained in custody. Although the organisers of the march were swift to disassociate themselves with the violence, the protesters were defiant. “I’m not moving, I’m not moving,” one young protester, hemmed in by the riot police, said. “I’ve been on every protest, I won’t let this government destroy our future without a fight. I won’t stand back, I’m not moving.”

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Battle_for_Trafalgar_Square,_London_as_violence_breaks_out_between_demonstrators_and_riot_police&oldid=2584824”
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Job Description For A Criminal Law Attorney


A criminal law attorney is there to help you if you have been charged with a crime or a felony. Let’s hope you never need a criminal law attorney, but if you find yourself in need of one, here is some additional information about what a criminal law attorney does and how he can be helpful to you.

Your criminal law attorney is going to be the person that represents you in a court of law. They will be there for you to speak on your behalf. You can hire your own criminal law attorney or have one appointed to you by the courts.

YouTube Preview Image

The criminal law attorney will contact the client and gather all the necessary information about the individual case and then prepare to make a case for the client. It is their responsibility to prepare a strong defense to help to acquit the defendant in court.

The criminal law attorney will do such things as interview the prosecutors witnesses as well as gathering information from the federal attorneys. The job of the criminal law attorney as you can see already is not an easy one, but if you enjoy doing some of the things that are listed in this article you may want to look further into the world of criminal law to see if this may be a job for you.

The criminal law attorney will also be involved in such things as picking out the jury for the case. They will also be involved in the sentencing and plea bargaining if need be. If you work as a criminal law attorney you can choose to be one that is appointed by the state or one that has your own firm and works at your own private firm. Basically if you are appointed by the state you are considered a public defender and you don’t really get to choose your cases. If you have your own private firm you can pick and choose who you represent.

The salary you can expect to get paid as a criminal law attorney varies but is between $70,000 to $79,000. If you are a public defender you will get the lower pay and if you work for yourself you can expect to be paid at the higher end of the spectrum. Either way you can see that the salary of a criminal law attorney is nothing to laugh at. The job itself is a tough one, but if you are interested in helping people to better represent themselves and help those that have been accused of crimes they may not have committed, criminal law may be for you.

Criminal Law Attorney Ottawa County – Lagrandlaw.com provides expert criminal law services. Schedule a consultation with a criminal law attorney in Ottawa County today.

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