Fun Nautical Theme Ideas For The Living Room

By Alyssa Davis

One of the most popular decor themes right now is the nautical theme, beloved for its variant textures and crisp colors. There are many interesting and eye-catching accessories for the nautical theme that bring about an adventurous and carefree spirit. Lots of people find an escape in a nautical theme that allows them to leave the stresses of the day behind and feel like they are relaxing on their favorite stretch of sand or sailing with whimsy out on the open water. Let’s look at some wonderful ideas for helping you to create the ideal nautical living room that is both tasteful and that looks ‘put together’.

Color in Nautical Themes

The classical color choice for the nautical theme is a combination of white and blue. Different shades of blue can help you to achieve a different looks. Light blue combined with white and khaki can lend a casual feel while navy blue with white provides a bold contrast that exudes sharp, clean styling.

In the nautical decor theme, khakis, tans, and browns are common colors for furniture, walls, and floors. Consider wooden wall panels, an old wooden chest repurposed for a coffee table, and sea grass rugs. Add even more interest to the color scheme by adding in bold red accents by way of accessories.


You can conjure instantaneous images of sailboats and sailors by adding in nautical stripes. Incorporating this pattern into the living room via throw pillows or upholstery is a wonderful way to reinforce your nautical theme, or you might consider adding a strip of blue or red ribbon trim to a solid white lamp shade or drapes.

Texture in Nautical Themes

When designing your nautical themed living room, think about the various parts of a sailing ship. Canvas sails, sailor’s rope, wooden plank flooring, fish nets, and other interesting textures abound on the open sea. And while you need not throw each of these elements together in your nautical theme, you can choose items made from canvas, hemp, wood, and other natural textures when selecting furnishings for your living room.

Wooden paneling on the living room walls will exude a sense of being on the interior of a ship, or you might even whitewash the wood to produce the look of a beach house or boatyard. Slip covers for your armchairs or sofa that are made from canvas are many times used in the nautical styled theme. Complement your decor with rugs made from jute, sisal, or sea grass.

Accessories for Nautical Themes

If you are lucky enough to find an antique ship’s wheel or classic sailboat model, this can become a focal point within the nautical living room. Photos or drawings of lighthouses, sailboats, or other nautical-related items can adorn your living room walls.

Treasures found on the seashore are also ideal for displaying in the nautical living room. These don’t have to be authentic items, although they are best, such as sand, beach stones, coral, and shells layered inside a tall vase or other container, or arranged into a shadow box or upon a nautical-themed tray. At the very least, you need patterns and prints that are related to your nautical theme scattered about the room. You might also choose accent pillows that have been embroidered with fish, seashells, and so on, to add a nautical touch to your seating.

Keep in mind a basic fundamental of decorating that states that you should not go overboard by covering every surface with a beach find. For example, an end table that is adorned with a table lamp and a delicate coral or other authentic beach find will look more natural than an entire coral collection poised on the table. Minimalistic is always best, especially when going for the nautical theme.

About the Author: Alyssa Davis writes and designs for Metal-Wall-Art.com and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with trees leaves modern metal art and palm trees metal wall sculptures.

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Dangers And Solutions For Wet Floor Accidents

Wet floors either at home or office can pose serious challenges especially for the elder citizens and children. Every year, several cases of slip-and-fall accidents have been reported globally. Though in many cases the injuries are overlooked as minor, yet it is high time to realize the seriousness of the issue. Caution against movement on wet floor should ring in the mind of every individual living within the premises of the house office.

Common instances of slippery floors

Rich shining marble or ceramic floors may look highly elegant and fashionable but these pose great hazards of slip and fall. This however does not mean that their use should be discontinued. Some special treatments are available in the market that works towards increasing the friction of the floors thereby making them absolutely slip-resistant.

Slipping in the bathroom is a common occurrence that is caused by low grip on its floors, as these remain wet more often. You should put a non-slip mat or rug outside your bathroom so that after usage you or any one in your family can wipe feet before moving to other rooms. This prevents the spreading of water in other parts of the house thereby preventing slip and fall accidents. However, make sure you choose a rug that is flat without any piles. Swimming pool areas also have slippery threats and people should be made aware of it by an effective caution for wet floor.


Anti-slip decking

Anti-slip decking is one of the most convenient means to obtain slip resistant floor. These decks are formulated with epoxy resins that are pressed deep into the timber grooves. These resin formulation helps the timber bond together strongly lending a slip resistant finish to the floors.

The installation of the decks is easy and fast and is extremely cost-effective. The best part of the anti-slip decking is that it proves absolutely safe even if the surrounding environment is damp and wet. These are highly environment friendly. These are available in different patterns and designs and also add aesthetic look to your home or office.

Sprayable decking treatments are available in the market which when applied on the deck floor lend extra grip. In case, you have the deck flooring since some time, there are chances that the resins holding the timber may have been withered. Spraying the decking treatment helps in restoring the bond and tightening the grip of the floor. It exhibits absolute water resistant solution that accounts for complete anti-slip flooring.

Treat your floors now

Safety is the priority and with wet floors you can never have the peace of mind. Wet floor needs to be addressed immediately to prevent you from any slip and fall accident. While you can make sure that your floors are dry all the time, you can also appoint professionals for anti-slip floor treatments. Choose anti-slip floor decking and be sure to incur no slip even if you run on your floors.

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Courtenay Pitcher is an expert in the field of floor safety. He is the author of a number of articles on anti slip flooring, non slip flooring and anti slip decking. He is associated with Interlake Chemicals for the past few years.Author: Courtenay Pitcher

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Entertaining With Tabletop Lazy Susans: Serving Options

Submitted by: Becca Summers

Entertaining in today s world is all about how to do it bigger and better than the last person. In some homes the bigger just isn t possible, but with tabletop lazy susans you can always make it better. Some entertaining areas just aren t big enough for the amount of people invited or food being served.

The large dinner party setting can be fairly tricky with passing food around the table making sure the food is hot without burning little hands along the way. The best option in this case is a large tabletop lazy susan will make it easy to pass the hot food to everyone on the table with out having to touch it and burn fingers. The best way to pick the size for your tabletop is to set the table with your dishes and cups leaving room in the middle of the table for your lazy susan. You will want to leave about eight inches from the cup to the lazy susan. So measure from cup to cup across the middle of the table then subtract sixteen inches and that will be the best size for your table.


The causal gathering with snacks is always fun but you don t want to be spending your whole time worrying about where the food is and making sure everyone can reach it. The best option for this is a two tiered tabletop lazy susan. You will be able to place the two tiered lazy susan on a table, counter or coffee table to almost double the space you have without taking up to much space. Not only will it look nice it keeps everything nice and organized.

The buffet style gathering where you want or need to serve a whole meal but don t have the table space for everyone to sit down. This often happens with very large groups and the entertain area gets really cramped especially where the food is. The best option of this situation is a smaller tabletop lazy susan, you can put all of your condiments in one spot and your guest can turn it to get what they need quickly without having to reach around someone else. This will keep the line moving quickly and get hungry people their food fast. Or you could use it for the desert bar, getting the most out of a small space. If someone wants the other brownie you don t have to take up all the space of having all of the flavors displayed individually they can now be combined and it will look even more appetizing.

Whether you are planning a large sit down dinner, gathering with snacks or buffet style tabletop lazy susans can really come in handy. When they are not being employed for your parties you can keep them in a cabinet to keep things neat and organized. They are great for serving food to your friends and family and will let you enjoy the party as much as they do.

About the Author: Becca Summers has always loved kitchen d cor and


She currently helps run a website that sells a variety of lazy susans.



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Digital Insect Repellent Basic And Silent Pest Regulate

Some may well doubt no matter if a system like digital mosquito repellent is really as successful as advertised.

The truth is that it is productive. The electronic mosquito repellent releases sort of electromagnetic wave that repels any pest. The good factor about it is that the waves can even now pass as a result of partitions, so this can also be terrific when you want to maintain your kids safe and sound even though they are sleeping at night. Its a no-mess, no-entice way of reducing any bugs! And as opposed to other anti-pest merchandise in the current market, this one usually requires much less upkeep. No a lot more lifeless insect residues on the flooring, and any other disgusting stuff that they might leave guiding. Really, an digital insect repellent is the ideal device for you and everybody else.

An additional motive why electronic insect repellent is very much greater than any other products in the marketplace is mainly because you do not have to apply it on your pores and skin. No additional sticky nights due to anti-mosquito lotions and ointments! You just want to discover a spot where by your electronic mosquito repellent can be most productive and that’s it. No a lot more hassles. In addition to this, electronic mosquitoe repellents have a tendency to be a lot less expensive in the very long run. This is as opposed to these other merchandise wherein you have to get another merchandise just about every time you finish an individual. And you know that can truly eat up your price range. With digital mosquito repellent, there is no have to have for that. You don’t have to substitute the repellent itself. All you will need to replace are the batteries when the gadget isn’t performing anymore. Imagine how very much income you can help save when you use an digital insect repellent.


These days, people today may well continue to be skeptical of innovations these as the electronic insect repellent. But in this day and age, everybody has to think that anything at all can be probable as a result of engineering. You don’t have to see it to feel it. And when you see the outcomes, you will consider how powerful it can be. So throw away the lotions, moth balls and the mosquito coils. Provide in the digital insect repellent.

A single of my favourite childhood recollections and something that will crack up the complete relatives when rewatching the property video: My brothers are actively playing a small league game, and my mom is out in the bleachers. The emphasis is on my brothers, but you can listen to my mother consistently slapping herself to stop the mosquitos. Eventually, my snobby mom states “Are unable to they spray out right here??”. It gets us just about every time!

When going on a camping trip, you will have to take along adequate machines to final you through the trip. You will surely don’t forget to add the tent, food, mattresses and some of the other essential essentials of a camping trip on the camping supply checklist. Nevertheless, it is remarkably possible for you to forget an significant member of the camping supply record, the mosquito repellent!

No camping journey will be satisfying without having a mosquito repellent.

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About Author:

Elton writes for numerous travel weblogs and hates Midges! On his vacations to Scotland and Brazil two or three times a yr he likes to report on the greatest alternatives to the actually hated fly.Author: Steven Becker

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Creative Media Storage Ideas For The Family Room

By Alyssa Davis

Media storage can be a real issue in the family room as your family adds to movie, music, and game collections. You want to protect the massive investment associated with each of these genres, but do not want the room to look cheap or outdated. Most of us who spend that kind of money also want to be able to showcase the collections that we work so hard to put together. That is not unreasonable, but the level of sophistication for your storage ideas is often dictated by your own budget.

Creative media storage ideas for the family room are often about balancing your need for storage with your budget considerations. Shelving and bookcases are attractive, but can be costly. Milk crates and cardboard boxes look tacky, but are easy to find and do the job in a pinch. Here are some other ideas for creative media storage ideas for the family room in your home.

Boxy Ideas


There are many ways to incorporate boxes that you may already have for a creative media storage idea. Footlockers, trunks, chests, and similar methods work great for storing a variety of media, such as CDs, DVDs, VHS movies, video games, and much more, without worrying about damage. They are also easy to use for organization, and you can customize the box with creative accents.

These creative storage ideas are versatile and functional, often doubling as foot rests, end tables, or coffee tables in addition to valuable storage space. Those with drawers for access to the stored media are a great place to stand a lamp or other light as well. This is another great way to save money: Choose creative media storage ideas that are multi-purpose or multi-functional.

People use milk crates and similar storage ideas for media, but they can look less sophisticated at best. Use online resources, such as auction websites, to find great storage ideas without having to spend a lot of money. The more you save, the more you can put back into your media budget.

Existing Storage

You may not even realize how much storage you already have available in your family room, such as underneath the entertainment center or beneath an aquarium. Bookshelves can make great storage for movies, music, and games, and you can easily see what you have. For a modern approach to storage, consider shelves that line the top of each wall, to keep all media out of reach of little hands without hiding them in drawers or bins. Sometimes, the best and most affordable idea is to just use what you have.

Budget can be your key consideration when you are thinking of creative media storage ideas for the family room, as some storage alternatives are much more costly than others. The best start to this type of project is always to organize what you have and discover what you want to keep versus what you would be willing to give up. The less there is to organize and store, the cheaper the option will become in most cases.

About the Author: Alyssa Davis writes and designs for Metal-Wall-Art.com and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with car metal wall art and dragonfly metal art.

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