What Is Yin Yoga And How Might It Benefit?}

What is Yin yoga and how might it benefit?


Lisa HedenEver heard about Yin Yoga? Or what’s Yin Yoga? It is a balancing practice specifically designed to slowly stretch the muscle tissues around the joints. The yin yoga practitioner is supposed to keep the position for a long time in order to feel the stretch of the tissues to its fullest. This form of yoga is becoming quite a popular yoga form day by day among the individuals because this type of yoga focuses on improving and maintaining the joints and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons.

If you are thinking to practice yin yoga, it is a wise decision as it will help you to bring maximum flexibility and movement that are surrounding the muscles. Yin yoga targets the tissues specifically and brings balance to the entire body. The Yin Yoga Asanas are mainly practiced before a workout session and the yoga poses are held for a minute or two.

Why should you practice yin yoga?

When you are tired, your mind is overactive, over stimulated, when your energy levels are too charged up, whether you are depriving for energy or you feel you just have too much of it, you need to try practicing Yin Yoga for the best effective results. These days, the entire world is filled with stimuli. It is not even possible to stay for an entire day away from laptops and mobile phones or switching them off for a long time.

The human mind is constantly kept busy processing all the information that one throws at it. No matter what kind of information it is, whether good, bad, worse, it doesn’t matter, your mind needs is active all the time to deal with it. One needs to find some kind of down time or relaxing time and stop the mind from craving for the stimuli.

One of the best effective methods to keep you busy and stay peaceful and stress-free at the same time is by engaging yourself with Yin yoga form. Your mind would stay calm mean while you can still feed the part of you that still wants the intensity and the urge to be stimulated with the help of active exercises.

Yin yoga helps stabilize the mind

While standing in a still pose and maintaining it for a while will create a gap that eventually creates space for things like the feeling of anxiety, happiness, sadness, or boredom. You can finally take out time to allow for those feelings to be there. Feelings, emotions, thoughts that you tried to keep in the shadow, will be there. The yin yoga teacher training will encourage you to enable all those feelings to be present and guide you to become the observer of anything and everything that arises in that space.

3 Principles to follow while practicing Yin Yoga

1.Finding the appropriate edge:

Make your poses gently without stretching the body part to the extreme and make it a point not go directly go to your maximum in any pose that can cause pain. Take initial steps by holding the poses and gradually increase your hold as well as the stretch to avoid pain. Staying calm and patient benefits yin Yoga practitioners while holding poses.


Try to remain constant in one specific pose without shifting or moving too much that will not benefit you anyway. Keep your mind peaceful and try not to think about anything else while concentrating on each pose to hold the pose for a long time.

3.Stay for a while in a position:

Initially, start your Yin Yoga practice by holding poses for about 1-3 minutes and slowly and gradually increase the hold stance up to 5 minutes or more.

7 Benefits of practicing Yin Yoga regularly

Some of the Yin Yoga benefits are listed below that will help you understand better:

1.Yin Yoga balances and calms the mind, body, and soul.

2.It increases blood circulation.3.Releases the long time tension held in the body.4.It complements your other workouts if practiced earlier to the workout sessions.5.It helps to calm your body and improves meditation.6.It improves flexibility.7.It enhances joint mobility in the bones.

After learning the basics about Yin Yoga, all you need to know is roll out your mat and try out some of the coolest Yin Yoga poses to achieve maximum health benefits. Keep your body and mind at peace with the help of Yin Yoga poses.

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Learn About Auto Inspection In Middletown

byAlma Abell

The purpose of an Auto Inspection in Middletown is to ensure that the cars on the road are safe and mechanically sound. This, in turn, helps to keep the flow of vehicular traffic going in a more natural way as well as protects ths health and safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the area. An important reason that consumers can be thankful for the state having the legislation to allows for car inspections is that they are often informed of problem areas that will need to be addressed in the near future.

Tires are one of the most common issues that are car owner will need to have replaced in order to make sure their car will pass the state mandated inspection. In a great deal of the cases, this is because there is not enough tread on the tires to make driving on them safe. Though there will be a range of differences when it comes to the amount of tread on the tire that is acceptable, the penny test is a good barometer. If you can see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head when a penny is put in the tread of the tire, it is time for new ones.

Many mechanics at inspection stations Midlletown are really great about informing you if you will need to replace any parts on your car in the near future. For example, when it comes to tires, even if your tires will pass inspection, if they will be needed sooner, the mechanic will likely let you know about it so that you can plan for that event.

Fortunately, for most people, when it comes to getting their cars inspected, it is often only small items that must be taken care of before it will pass. While tires are a common reason for a car to fail inspection, replacing light bulbs and fuses are often cited as items that must be addressed before the care will pass. In order to find the best prices and selection on big ticket items such as car tires so that you can rest assured your car will pass.

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Lebron James Workout The Man Child’s Workout Routine Revealed}

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Lebron James Workout – The Man Child’s Workout Routine Revealed


Jeff Cavaliere MSPT, CSCS

Where Will Lebron James Sign in 2010 has been one of the most popular questions in all of sports for the longest time now. Seems like people have been asking this ever since he set foot in the league. I on the other hand have been asking a different question and that is What Is Lebron James Workout like?. Again, from the moment he stepped into the league in his teens, straight out of high school, this kid has been a man-child. Hes got a strength, muscle maturity and physical prowess unlike most guys ten years his senior. So what does he do to look this way?

Well, recently Mens Health Magazine featured King James himself and broke down his workout day by day. What youll probably be surprised to see is that for everything different about this young kid, his workout is not all that much. It blends some cutting edge techniques with plain old fashioned lifting. The outcome has been hard to argue with no matter how you look at it. That said, I figured Id break it down for you and give my critique on the plan to have a little fun. So without further delay, lets take a look at Lebron James Workout!

The workout is a 4 Day Split routine relying heavily on supersets, each done 3 times with 45 seconds rest between them. The workout days are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He begins every workout with a light stretch, some warmup cardio and some ab exercises to loosen up. Makes me laugh, I know some guys out there would be calling it a day after that alone. Not Lebron. He is just getting started. His Monday workout looks like this:


Superset 1



Superset 2

Dumbbell Snatch


Cable Single-arm Row

MY COMMENTS: All of my TEAM ATHLEAN guys know by now that I love bodyweight movements. They not only train your body to be better able to move itself, but they also have quite a knack for packing on muscle unlike anything else. Lebron shows this with his perfect upper body combo of pushups and pullups. Then, keeping with the function and now adding a bit more power, he pairs up the dumbbell snatch (which is the ultimate in power exercises) and pairs it up with a single arm row. Again, you know I like single sided movements so we can make sure there is no compensation of a weakness by having the strong side do all the work on a two armed movement.


Superset 1

Dumbbell Squat

Swiss-ball Hamstring Curl

Superset 2

Dumbbell Stepup

Dumbbell Calf Raise

MY COMMENTS: Again, looking at Lebrons workout he is concentrating on closed chain exercises where his foot is either on the ground, or in the case of the hamstring curl, on the ball. Either way, its very functional and practical and helps him to build the slabs of athletic muscle that he has. Hes working almost every exercise with movement as well. You dont see him lying face down on a hamstring curl machine or sitting in a leg extension machine. No, hes moving his body during the exercise and getting more benefits since his muscles (and yours) prefer action over inaction any day. Dynamic vs. static movements rule the day.


Superset 1

Dumbbell Incline-Bench Press

Lat Pulldown

Superset 2

Dumbbell Single-arm Overhead Press

Dumbbell Single-arm Row

MY COMMENTS: Here King James is opting for more basic movements, but what I like again is that he is doing single arm variations of the exercises. Again, what this does is help to reveal single sided weaknesses and corrects them. Also, when you look at Lebrons sport, lots of movements are single sided (ie. shooting a basketball, dribbling right or left, etc) so the carryover to his game is huge.


Superset 1

Single-leg Squat

Single-leg Swiss-ball Leg Curl

Superset 2

Dumbbell Side Lunge

Unstable Jump Rope

MY COMMENTS: This is my favorite day of them all. Lebron nails it here. No wonder hes got one of the strongest bases for a kid his age. From the single leg squat (which you guys know Im a big fan ofespecially when it comes to longevity and protecting the back and knees) to the side lunging and finally the unstable jump roping, Lebron has about as solid a lower body program as it gets. For you guys out there with somewhat weak ankles and maybe carrying a few extra pounds around the midsection, try this unstable jump rope (on a soft yoga mat for instance) and youll kill two birds with one stone. Fat loss and pillar like ankle strength.

So you seetheres always a reason why guys who demonstrate unparalleled athleticism and size over their peers get to where they are. Most often its by outworking them. Now, I am not naive enough to think that performance enhancing drugs are rampant throughout professional sports. However, that said, it cant be used as the fallback excuse for us to chalk any fit athletes amazing physique up to cheating. Instead, we should recognize when a guy is working hard and strive to emulate it. Maybe not their workouts exactlybut their workout dedication. Lebron should serve as that motivator for lots of guys. Hes the true definition of ATHLEAN! And who knows? Maybe when October 2010 rolls around, instead of playing for the Knicks, Nets, Magic, Wizards or anywhere else he is speculated on going.youll find him playing for the surprise late entry into the competition.TEAM ATHLEAN!

Want to get the same ripped, muscular body that Lebron has? Want to follow the training program that top pro athletes from the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL have followed to get in the best shape of their careers? Then come check out the ATHLEAN-X TRAINING SYSTEM at and see what this 90 day muscle building system can do for you. Designed and created by celebrity fitness trainer, Mens Fitness Writer and former New York Mets Physical Therapist and Strength Coach Jeff Cavaliere

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Lebron James Workout – The Man Child’s Workout Routine Revealed}

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