Improve Your Property With Retaining Walls

byAlma Abell

It can be difficult to make the most of a piece of land that includes steep hills. This is particularly true for people who are trying to figure out what to do with their yard space. A steep hill isn’t very useful for play or relaxation, and creates serious problems when it’s time to perform tasks like cutting the grass. Thanks to Retaining Walls, though, you can create much more even spaces while also reinforcing hillsides and making the entire area more stable.

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The basic version of this set-up really is just a wall. They’re often called gravity walls, because they rely mainly on gravity to perform their function. These are the most common solution on residential lots, because they’re fairly straightforward to build. They’re often made out of stone and may be thicker at the base than higher up. They’re also often constructed at a slight tilt toward the area that they’re supposed to be holding up. There’s no special reinforcement or anchoring to keep them in place, so they can only be used in areas where the ground to be held up is a maximum of about four feet high. It’s also important to check them for signs that they’re bowing out & because this is an indication that the weight of the dirt is becoming too much and it is time to rebuild the wall.

For times when taller hills need to be held back, or where the ground is not quite as solid, there are other approaches that can make Retaining Walls a workable option. One of the more complicated approaches adds cables to the structure, that help to better distribute the forces on the wall so that it can withstand them. In particularly soft soils, on the other hand, workers may embed materials deep into the ground to provide them with a strong anchor point before building the wall itself up around them.

It’s not a good idea to just try to build a wall on your own, or even to hire someone to build a retaining wall who is usually more of a general fencing or wall contractor. The professionals at Bednar Landscape Services have a strong understanding of different types of conditions, and how to choose the right approach to end up with a structure that will both look good and maintain the stability of the landscape. Click Here for more details.

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